Cecilia Picaut

9 Jun 2022

Cecilia Picaut has had a love of the water ever since she was a little girl growing up on the northwest coast of France. A keen swimmer, Cecilia soon qualified as a lifeguard and then a swimming instructor before fulfilling a childhood dream of joining the French Army.

As a member of the Civilian Defence Force Cecilia became a first aid instructor, a firefighter and a flood rescuer – experiences which changed her life. After eight years with the army Cecilia had had enough and decided to spread her wings by travelling to many parts of the world, and it was her love of the water, and a particular fascination with Australia, that ultimately brought her here.

Now studying a Leadership and Management Diploma at Australian Pacific College, Cecilia has fallen in love with the Gold Coast and is determined to make the city her home. Cecilia is very much involved in the local community as a volunteer surf lifesaver and also works as a personal trainer with a holistic emphasis on both mental health and physical well-being.

Eventually Cecilia plans to establish her own wellness centre to help people feel better about themselves by being physically active and she also wants to support junior athletes who can’t afford a coach to help them realise their sporting goals.

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