Chris Wainwright

9 Jun 2023

Chris Wainwright has, what you might call, a considerable lived experience. In the past he’s pursued corporate law, journalism, politics, business, marketing – there’s not much that he hasn’t tried, but for various reasons nothing ever really seemed to fit. It wasn’t until he decided to pick up an English language qualification so that he could work while travelling that Chris discovered his true calling.

As he worked across Europe in countries like France, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania, Chris began to encounter a broad cross section of young people who were struggling with their mental health. Chris then joined one of the UK’s largest youth charities, the Prince’s Trust, where he continued to support young people who had mental health issues.

Ultimately Chris’ passion as a community worker dedicated to helping young people led him to a PhD scholarship with Griffith University, where his research is focusing on the role of mental health advocacy, and how sharing stories can help other people in their recovery. If you’ve ever wrestled with your own mental health or know someone who has, this is one podcast you don’t want to miss.

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