Craig Senior

12 May 2022

Just over a decade ago Craig Senior moved from Canberra to the Gold Coast to study a Bachelor of Business at Griffith University. Since then Craig’s career has taken him in unexpected directions, working primarily in human resources and management across numerous industries including sport and leisure; health; aged care; and the disabled sector.

Early on in his career Craig gained his MBA at the incredibly young age of 24 and as he moved into more and more senior positions he dedicated his efforts to improving conditions for both his customers and employees.

Now in his early 30’s Craig’s career path has taken a new twist, working as a career mentor and coach to help others achieve their goals.

As we delved into the subject of career choices Craig and I looked at the reasons so many people end up in jobs they don’t like, how to change course to find the right career path and why it’s never too late to change your career. If you’re attempting to navigate your way into your dream career or stuck in a dead end job wondering how to find a more fulfilling solution this podcast is definitely for you.

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