Dan Clougherty

29 Jul 2021

Dan Clougherty is 58 years old. Up until last year he’d worked in the film and television industry for most of his life, but that all changed when he decided to move to the Gold Coast and began studying to become a barber. Talk about a radical U turn in your career!

As a young man Dan developed an interest in photography, honing his skills as he worked for some of Atlanta’s leading ad agencies before taking up an opportunity to work in film and television in LA. Dan started in that industry as a gaffer and a grip, then later utilised his lighting experience as a photographer for special effects when CGI was in its infancy.

Afterwards Dan bluffed his way into an editor’s role without knowing how to operate the software and not understanding much of the technical jargon of the job. he went on to work for many big name clients in film and advertising, including Apple when they launched the first iMac.

Dan moved to Australia after marrying Aussie television journalist Maxine Gray and ended up working on several television shows here like So You can Dance and The Voice.

But after 35 years of long and stressful hours meeting the demands of high flying clients, egotistical producers and demanding directors Dan Clougherty had had enough of his former life. Now living on the Gold Coast it’s not only a sea change but a career change for Dan. He’s given up cutting film and taken up cutting hair by studying to be a barber at the Barber Academy. 

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