Dan Gordon

3 Mar 2022

Dan Gordon was born in London and spent most of his time as a young man living in Bournemouth, a seaside destination, which is kind of like the UK’s version of the Gold Coast, although a little less glamorous. Dan worked in the fitness industry there where he developed a keen interest in calisthenics.

Dan has always had a fascination with Australia. He came here for the first time on holiday in 2015, travelling across the countryside to get a feel for the real Land Down Under. On that trip Dan met a lot of Aussie guys who would ask him what his trade was, and he realised that having a trade would give him the flexibility to work anywhere, particularly in Australia. When Dan discovered that he could gain those trade qualifications in Australia as an international student he enrolled at TAFE on the Gold Coast to study carpentry.

After graduation Dan found employment working as both a carpenter and landscaper for a company that built playground equipment for children, and is now developing plans for building outdoor workout spaces for adults by combining his carpentry and landscaping skills with his previous experience in the fitness industry. It’s an unconventional study/career path for sure, but Dan’s entrepreneurial instincts and open minded approach to work and life have served him well as he seeks to establish his new business venture on the Gold Coast.

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