Daria Andrievskaya

21 Oct 2021

Daria Andrievskaya grew up in Russia, but had long harboured a dream to study overseas. After studying hospitality and tourism in Switzerland Daria was offered a job at Hayman Island on the Great Barrier Reef, but after 5 years of living within the limited confines of an idyllic island paradise and battling the ravages of a natural disaster it was time to expand her horizons.

A move to the Gold Coast soon saw a change in vocation and it with Daria pursuing a career in education, teaching tourism, hospitality and business courses to high school students, while also providing training to help adults re-enter the workforce.

Daria’s new career was also accompanied by a new learning opportunity – studying for a Diploma of Wellness Leadership at the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy. What started out as an opportunity to broaden the scope of her teaching to embrace a growing area in the tourism industry soon evolved into an epiphany, as Daria’s perceptions and expectations around how she wanted to live became a life changing experience. Now Daria is helping others to find balance in their lives through her startup venture Focus Energy Hub.  

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