David Quintero Rodriguez

18 Nov 2022

David Alexander Quintero Rodriguez never intended to stay in Australia. He left his well-paid finance job in Colombia to study English on the Gold Coast in the knowledge that in gaining bilingual skills it would greatly improve his chances of advancing his career back home or indeed just about anywhere in the world.

But David fell for the charms of his new study destination with its laid-back culture, near perfect climate and enviable lifestyle. Suddenly six months of studying English here wasn’t enough, so David extended his stay and soon realised that he wanted to make the Gold Coast his home.

David enrolled in a series of courses through Australian Pacific College – marketing and communications, graphic design and social media marketing – all of them offering opportunities to gain real world experience while he studied.

In the midst of all that David also fell in love here too after meeting another Colombian who was studying on the Gold Coast. This girl not only came from the same city as David, but she actually worked for the same employer, in the same building, and on the same floor, yet they never met until they both travelled halfway across the world to pursue their dreams on the Gold Coast.

Yes, this is a love story, but so much more!

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