Devasehnan Archunan

14 Oct 2021

Devasehnan Archunan never planned to study on the Gold Coast. Deva had been to the Gold Coast for holidays previously, but studying here wasn’t on his radar. It was only through an extraordinary circumstance in the shape of a global pandemic that forced him to rethink his plans.

Originally Deva had been working towards a career in tourism and had studied in that field at university in Malaysia, but ironically it was while he was visiting Australia’s holiday capital as a tourist that Deva realised that his immediate future in that industry would be severely hampered thanks to COVID.

As international borders rapidly began to close Deva had to decide whether he would stay in Australia or return home. In choosing to stay Deva decided to follow his heart. Coming from a traditional Asian extended family Deva had always cared for his grandparents and had in fact accompanied his grandfather on this Australian trip. Deva had always enjoyed this role and so he began his journey in the care sector studying at Educare College.

Since enrolling, Deva has already gained a work placement at a local aged care facility and is enjoying it so much that he wants to establish his career on the Gold Coast. In a world of uncertainty that’s a remarkable outcome for someone who never planned to study here in the first place.

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