Dhruv Padmakumar

5 May 2022

Dhruv Padmakumar was born in India and spent the early part of his formative years in Mexico, before returning to India to finish his schooling, and in between, lived in the UAE for a while as well as travelling throughout much of the world.

After finishing high school Dhruv attained a degree in Sports Management in the United States and then had a life changing experience working as a volunteer at the Rio Olympics in 2016. But it’s here in Australia where Dhruv Padmakumar is pinning his immediate future by studying a Master of Business (Professional), specialising in marketing at Bond University.

As someone who’s experienced so much of what the world has to offer Dhruv has some wonderful stories to tell, but what's most refreshing is Dhruv's unbridled love of people with an approach to life that’s fuelled by the need to connect and share with others in celebration of the human spirit. What unfolds is a fascinating insight on the nature of love, our relationships with each other and an exploration of cultural mores that so often shape who we are and how we behave.

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