Dren Xerxa

4 Nov 2020

During the 1990’s tensions escalated in Kosovo when Serbians began persecuting Albanians in the troubled state. By 1998 the Kosovo Liberation Army was in full conflict with Yugoslav forces until the war finally ended after the intervention of NATO.

This was the environment of Dren Xerxa’s youth. As a teenager emerging from that conflict Dren embraced the optimism Kosovo Albanians were feeling after the war by starting a nightclub with his friends. Dren’s taste for business success led him to join Seed, an organisation that supports entrepreneurs, as he worked with cutting edge ventures across the world over the next 8 years.

Yearning for a better quality of life and a new challenge, Dren recently completed his MBA at Southern Cross University and is now mentoring entrepreneurs on the Gold Coast as the Programs Manager for Cohort in the city’s Health and Knowledge Precinct. It’s an extraordinary story and one that won’t easily be forgotten. 

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