Enoch Onamusi

28 Jul 2022

Gilmour Space Technologies is a Gold Coast company founded by brothers James and Adam Gilmour that’s pioneering new and innovative hybrid rocket propulsion systems that will offer low cost satellite capabilities for space. The company has been growing at an exponential rate with many local graduates coming on board as they take up the opportunities in this exciting industry.

One of those graduates is Enoch Onamusi. Enoch has been ahead of the game academically ever since his mother enrolled him at school well below the usual age, allowing Enoch to graduate from high school sooner and enrol at Griffith University at the tender age of 16. Enoch’s rise to academic prominence is all the more extraordinary when you consider that he was born in Nigeria and raised in Papua and New Guinea, not exactly hotbeds for opportunity, let alone someone hungry to learn all that they can about technology.

Originally Enoch planned to study quantum mechanics and while his path to study information technology at Griffith wasn’t his original plan, his employment with Gilmour Space Technologies since graduating has opened up a world, if not a universe, of incredible career opportunities. There’s a saying that whenever we face an apparent insurmountable task that 'it’s not rocket science', well, in the case of Enoch Onamusi that’s exactly what it is and more to the point, he’s making the seemingly impossible suddenly very plausible.

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