Episode 100!

28 Oct 2022

It was just over 2 years ago when we started our student experience podcast and we could never have envisaged that we would have made it to 100 episodes! But here we are. Wow!

Tomorrow Is Mine has been heard all over the world and we’ve been blown away by the wonderful feedback and how warmly this podcast has been received, so a very big thank you for your support and encouragement, but most of all thank you to the 99 students who have been so open about their experiences and been so willing to share the stories of their lives – we're humbled by your generosity of spirit.

We wanted to do something special and a little different to mark the milestone of the 100th show, so we went to the Australian International Education Conference on the Gold Coast and spoke to a number of students who were there. You may recognise some of the voices of these students, because they’ve previously appeared on Tomorrow Is Mine, others we'd just met for the first time.

Tomorrow is Mine is about the custodians of our future, so we asked the students what they believe to be the biggest issue we‘re currently facing in the world today and how they plan to make the world a better place. Some of their answers may surprise you.

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