Gabriela Damaceno

1 Jul 2021

The Gold Coast’s idyllic climate, amazing beaches and incredible surf breaks are an irresistible magnet for many, probably none more so than our surf obsessed friends from Brazil who are drawn here in increasing numbers.

When Gabriela Damaceno arrived on the Gold Coast she knew nobody here, in fact she’d never heard of the city until a journalist she admired suggested it as an ideal destination to further her studies. That recommendation led to a progression of courses over the past four years – including screen and media, a diploma of social media marketing, a diploma in communication and finally now a Masters in Philosophy at Bond University – not bad for someone who could only afford to get here after a friend working at an airline offered Gabriela an incredibly cheap airfare.

Gabriela is grateful for every opportunity she’s had since arriving on the Gold Coast, including her current job working for Evolve Skateboards, the biggest electric skateboard company in the world. It's an ideal role for a young Brazilian woman who loves adventure sports and the outdoors.

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