Gaby Dixon

22 Apr 2021

Gaby Dixon was just a young girl when she left South Africa with her parents, who dreamt of a better life for Gaby and her sister on the Gold Coast.

While she was a student at Emmanuel College, Gaby’s family hosted a German exchange student and the following year the German girl’s family reciprocated by hosting Gaby at their place. Gaby also travelled to the Thai/Burmese border over successive years with her Emmanuel College class mates through a program that was designed to develop greater awareness and understanding of the local Karen people’s stateless displacement as refugees over many decades through brutal conflict.

After completing high school Gaby was offered a scholarship to study Actuarial Science at Bond University, where once again she worked with those less fortunate in society through the Sony Foundation’s disability support program. It’s the combination of these experiences, that have led Gaby to ponder how she can best serve those less fortunate in society as she begins her career as an actuary with Deloitte.

Still only 19 years of age, Gaby shows an extraordinary level of maturity as a young woman who has already travelled an exceptional path and who’s real journey is only now about to begin in a much wider world.

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