Geng Tsuen Chuk

19 May 2022

Geng Tsuen Chuk, or just KJ to his friends, may only be in his early 20’s, but this well travelled young man carries a very astute sensibility that has served him well in his business ventures.

KJ grew up in Hong Kong and has travelled extensively throughout South East Asia with his family, visiting places like Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Mongolia. After graduating from high school KJ also spent time travelling through the UK and France.

Since arriving in Australia KJ has backpacked around much of the country, before settling on the Gold Coast where he’s studying Hospitality at Griffith University.

KJ first exercised his business nous before he finished high school by establishing a successful second hand text book business and now he’s embracing the Gold Coast’s entrepreneurial spirit by launching the ladies fashion accessory brand Andy Berkes. KJ says “Andy Berkes is a brand for the Gold Coast. A gift to the society and place where I live.”


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