Huxley Peckham

14 Oct 2022

Huxley Peckham is a travelling journeyman of learning, having studied at three South East Queensland universities – the latest is Griffith University, where he’s studying a double degree in business and engineering.

Looking at Huxley’s combined learning and working experience, it’s a veritable melting pot of ingredients that includes mechatronics, software, mechanical engineering, crypto currencies, blockchain, IT technician - even sales and marketing, however it’s the world of technology where Huxley’s real interest lies. He’s excited by the potential of AI and how it can help make humans more resilient, but as always with technological advancements there’s often an air of suspicion for the majority who tread with some trepidation in this brave and uncertain new world.

In this episode we ponder the potential of technology and the increasing role that it plays in our lives, exploring philosophical questions, such as: How much of our personal identity should we relinquish in cyberspace? How do you know you can really trust someone when making a personal transaction? What is the next evolution of the web? And should technological oligarchs control social media platforms like Elon Musk is attempting to do with Twitter?

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