Ida Lorenz

4 Feb 2021

Ida Lorenz is about to head home as she completes her MBA at Griffith University. Ida’s journey started long before she came to the Gold Coast, initially leaving home in Denmark to become an exchange student in the USA, then returning home for university in Denmark, as well as studying and working in Austria.

In Australia Ida bills herself as the Aussie Dane, racking up Instagram followers as she shares her love of the outdoors travelling the countryside in her beloved van called Freddie. Ida immersed herself in every opportunity she could, running a number of social clubs on campus and for all the world she was living the idyllic student life.

But under the surface it was a very different story for Ida as she suffered from anxiety issues. Eventually Ida was diagnosed as an extreme perfectionist, someone who placed enormous pressure and expectation on herself while struggling to truly enjoy the Insta perfect life she appeared to be leading.

It was a diagnosis that would lead to a monumental shift in Ida’s thought processes and her outlook on life as she came to terms with her condition. Now, as her masters nears completion Ida is full of hope about her future with one very big dream that she hopes to realise once she returns home to Denmark.

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