Jackson Miller

28 Oct 2021

Jackson Miller is a smart, hard-working and ambitious young man with a genuine concern for others. He was a high school prefect, a dedicated sportsman, and by the time he was in his mid teens he was a professional musician. In his final year of school he was just one of 12 students to be selected nationally for the Vice Chancellor’s Elite Scholarship from Bond University, which recognises not only academic excellence, but also places a substantial emphasis on leadership and community engagement. For Jackson Miller the scholarship was not only recognition for all his hard work, it was the crowning achievement of his young life.

At Bond he continued to excel scholastically as he immersed himself into university life. Jackson’s achievements included establishing Bond’s first women’s soccer team and a running club that helped 40 people compete in the Gold Coast Marathon, while still managing to find time to volunteer and mentor his fellow students. In Jackson’s words he found it almost impossible to say no to anything.

Last semester it all came crashing down for Jackson when the realisation hit him that he’d become trapped into a relentless cycle of over achievement where he no longer understood what his real motivations were or why he was constantly trying to do so much. He turned his experience into a positive solution by assisting in the release of the Building a Better Bondy program, a holistic character development initiative to help others under stress, while also advocating for his peers on academic committees and in launching his own start-up and podcast.

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