Jade Mellor

22 Jul 2021

Jade Mellor describes growing up in the West Midlands of England as wonderful. She enjoyed spending time with family and friends, but there was always something within Jade that gave her the urge to travel and explore.

In 2013 Jade came to Australia for the first time, which included a road trip from Cairns to Sydney over 18 days – but it wasn’t enough, she wanted more. In 2016 she pushed her boundaries a little bit further by applying for a Working Holiday Visa to see what it felt like to be living and working the normal day to day life in Australia and the Gold Coast had her heart from the very start. Jade was determined that it wouldn't be her last visit.

The following year Jade underwent brain surgery to eradicate a medical condition that up until then had been a huge restriction on her life. It was a decision that would open up many new opportunities, including Jade's long held dream to live in Australia. Now studying Carpentry at TAFE on the Gold Coast, Jade is at long last realising her career and life ambitions.

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