Jenny Gunnarsson

8 Dec 2022

If you were looking for a single word to describe Jenny Gunnarsson’s life it would have to be multicultural. Jenny was born in Sweden to a Swedish dad and a Taiwanese mum and after spending the early part of her life in Stockholm the family moved to Taiwan, where Jenny began to absorb a whole new range of cultural influences.

Along the way Jenny developed a thirst for languages and has become a true polyglot, capable of conversing in Mandarin, Swedish, French, Italian. German and English. And now she’s studying Auslan so that she will soon be able to communicate using sign language as well.

 Jenny’s family moved to Australia when she was in high school and after graduation Jenny pursued her other passion of singing by completing a Bachelor of Music with Honours at the University of Queensland. But after the COVID pandemic swept the world Jenny began to question the viability of a full-time career in the arts and it was then that Jenny discovered speech pathology, which brought her to Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Up until recently speech pathology wasn’t even on her radar, but Jenny soon realised that her fascination with languages, the use of the voice as an instrument and her genuine desire to help others offered a career that would satisfy all of her interests.

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