Jongwoo Lee Part 1

2 Dec 2021

Jongwoo Lee grew up in South Korea in what he says was a pretty normal life. But when he was still a young boy his dad passed away and everything changed. His mum suggested that Jongwoo join a social club after school to help take his mind off the tragedy of losing his dad and that was when he started playing baseball.

Within 2 months of taking up the game Jongwoo’s coach identified him as a potential elite player and baseball became his entire life. From sunup until sundown it was all Jongwoo ever thought about and it was pretty much all he did – six days a week.

When he graduated from high school Jongwoo went to university to study sports management which, in reality, was code for more non-stop baseball. As a pitcher, Jongwoo was up there with the pros, pitching at around 140km an hour and he was no slouch with a bat in his hands either. A future in the big time beckoned until an injury cruelly ruined his chances and after multiple surgeries and extended rehabilitation Jongwoo’s career as a professional baseball player was all but over before it began.

Part 1 of this podcast takes us through a talented young man’s life that was totally consumed by his dream to become a professional athlete and how the crushing blow of a career ending injury left him despondent and suffering with depression.
As Jongwoo searched for some answers it eventually led him to the Gold Coast to study carpentry at TAFE Qld, where he’s now literally rebuilding his life.


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