Kateryna Dmytriieva

13 Apr 2023

Kateryna Dmytriieva, or just Kate as her friends know her, is an extraordinary young woman with a passion for discovery and all that the world has to offer. Up until recently Kate had lived her entire life in Odessa, the beautiful seaport on the coast of the Black Sea.

Then a man named Putin decided to invade Kate’s homeland of the Ukraine and with it her life changed dramatically. As the artillery fire of the Russian Army drew ever closer to her home, Kate’s days in Odessa were numbered as she sought to flee the violence.

It wasn’t an easy choice, her country needed all the help they could get, but staying put was too dangerous an option and when her employer offered Kate the opportunity to escape, she decided to go, leaving friends and family behind.

After securing a refugee visa from the Australian Government in just a matter of hours, Kate eventually arrived on the Gold Coast, a place that has become a sanctuary in more ways than one. Now studying a Diploma of Leadership and Management at TAFE Queensland, Kate has fallen for her adopted home big time.

This is a story of courage, determination and love, but most of all it’s a story about hope, for without hope there is no tomorrow.

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