Kelly Lizarazo Pimiento

15 Sep 2022

Kelly Lizarazo Pimiento comes from the beautiful and historic seaside city of Santa Marta in Colombia and has now taken up residence as a student in the beautifully modern seaside city of Gold Coast in Australia.

Coming from a humble background Kelly says the best gift her parents could have given her was an education, although coming half-way across the world to get it wasn’t quite what they had in mind.

When Kelly first arrived on the Gold Coast she studied English at Envirotech Education and has since enrolled at Charlton Brown, where she is studying for a Diploma in Community Service.

Prior to landing in Australia Kelly had travelled extensively throughout South America, a bold and potentially dangerous prospect for a young woman exploring that continent on her own. 

Kelly's quiet disposition hides an adventurous spirit and there was far more to her story than we anticipated, but then the Gold Coast held may surprises for Kelly too, in what has been a truly transformative experience.

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