Luigin Teofilo

26 May 2022

Luigin Teofilo left the Philippines for Australia almost 4 years ago and since enrolling to study his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (Honours) at Griffith University it’s been a transformational experience.

The once shy Filipino who would never offer his opinion unless solicited, has emerged as a confident young man who now feels liberated in an accepting and less judgemental society. It’s a common theme among international students from many different countries who choose to study on the Gold Coast as they find a more self-assured identity and independence within our supportive and welcoming community.

What makes Luigin’s conversation so compelling is his desire to explore the cultural, political, sexual, religious and societal boundaries that shaped his environment as he seeks to better understand the notion of conformity and how it can constrain us from revealing our true selves.


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