Mannu Kala Part 2

24 Jun 2021

On our last podcast we featured part 1 of the extraordinary life of Mannu Kala, who grew up never far from danger or violence in Kashmir, before his politicisation as an ambitious university student in India and then a spur of the moment decision to leave it all behind to study in Australia.

In this episode we pick up the story as Mannu arrives on the Gold Coast to study communications and public relations at Griffith University. Then follow Mannu's path as he takes on all sorts of odd jobs – from security guard to radio talk show host, before a chance opportunity paved the way for his entrepreneurial talent to flourish.

Today Mannu holds executive roles in numerous businesses, including Medlab Pathology, Skin 02 and Covax, the company he established that is now contracted by governments to devise logistical solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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