Mekhala Egodawele

9 Sep 2022

Mekhala Egodawele never envisaged leaving her home city of Kandi in Sri Lanka where she once felt she had everything she ever needed. But after gaining her Honours in Computation and Management at a local university and working for a few years in academia there Mekhala felt that she needed to spread her wings in order to advance her career prospects.

She began to entertain the idea of furthering her studies as an international student and was drawn to Southern Cross University to study a research Masters in Business Information Systems, focusing on digital business strategies for small to medium enterprises with limited resources – not an easy area of study when you consider that technology changes so rapidly.

Mekhala was one of the new influx of international students to arrive on the Gold Coast after Australia’s borders opened late last year, and while she’s only been here for six months she’s managed to invest an incredible amount of her time in volunteering, a pursuit she finds rewarding not only because it gives something back while providing a deeper understanding of the local community, but also because in Mekahala’s words ‘it just feels good’. 

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