Mercy Atukunda

9 Jun 2023

Mercy Atukunda is, by her own admission, an introverted and shy young woman who’s never travelled beyond the landlocked borders of her home country of Uganda, so the idea of jumping on a plane to start a new life overseas in a city where you don’t know a single soul is one very big leap of faith! That’s just what Mercy’s done in moving to the Gold Coast, where she’s studying a dual Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and Engineering Project Management at Griffith University.

Coming from a developing country like Uganda that’s been mired in controversies and corruption for decades it’s not hard to see why relocating to Australia would hold such appeal for Mercy, however it’s not just the opportunities and freedom it brings, it’s the pursuit of a career that aligns with her values, one of which is sustainability and the role engineering can play in shaping a better future for us all.

It's a dream that’s already being realised with Mercy securing work at a local environmental engineering firm and consultancy. After 12 months on the Gold Coast Mercy is well and truly enamoured and entrenched in her adopted new home, one where she hopes to lay the foundations for a successful career and a new life.

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