Michaela Maag

11 Nov 2021

Michaela Maag comes from a small village in Bavaria. Her active childhood and keen interest in sport led to an all-inclusive healthy lifestyle that became increasingly important to Michi as she got older, later going on to study dietetics at university in Germany.

However, it was an opportunity to take part in a study exchange program at Griffith University that really changed her life. Michi immediately fell in love with the Gold Coast as she continued her interest in nutrition and is now studying Commercial Cookery at Barrington College to deepen her understanding about food preparation with high quality culinary training.

All of this knowledge is feeding into a much bigger philosophy where Michi offers her clients a holistic approach to life that includes diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, Pilates, sustainability and self-reflection in achieving a more fulfilling lifestyle. Welcome to Michi’s world of positive opportunity where anything is possible.

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