Mohit Trivedi Part 2

9 Sep 2021

Mohit Trivedi is an alumnus of Southern Cross University and in the 6 years since graduating Mo has had an enormous influence on the shape and direction of the support and experience available to all Gold Coast students.

In the second part of this episode we pick up the story just as Mo arrives on the Gold Coast. Mo talks about the homestay family he first lived with and the parents who became his ‘Aussie Mum and Dad’. Mo also reflects on his proactive involvement in Southern Cross University’s widely diverse student community and how his decision to apply for the fledgeling Mayor’s Student Ambassador Program opened so many doors for him, ultimately changing his life.

Through the networks he’s built within the student community, the wider education sector and the city of Gold Coast, Mohit Trivedi has become an incredibly influential figure whose had a huge impact on the lives of the city’s students. In telling his story Mo shares some insights into his thinking, as well as his passion for his adopted home and the local student community. Perhaps Mo sums up the real key to his motivations when he says: 'I like to enjoy life. Whatever you’re doing, if you’re not enjoying it, then it’s really not worth it'.

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