Mrisha Upadhyay

2 Dec 2022

Mrisha Upadhyay is from Kathmandu and enjoyed a carefree early childhood until her parents enrolled her into a new school within the walls of the Indian Embassy in Nepal, where Mrisha became an introvert in what she felt was an oppressive environment.

It wasn’t until Mrisha went to college that she finally gained the self-confidence to ignore the competitive pressures of succeeding academically and she began to enjoy life for all the opportunities that it offered. It was at college where Mrisha pursued her keen interest in information technology, and while coding isn’t her thing and Mrisha says she’s certainly no geek, for her it’s all about the user experience, and that’s what brought her to the Gold Coast to study a Masters in IT at Southern Cross University.

Mrisha says she was inspired to share her experience as an international student after discovering the stories of students from different backgrounds on Tomorrow Is Mine.  She says that listening to them motivated her in many ways, and she wanted to be a part of it. Mrisha feels that if she can share her experience of succeeding on her own terms, then other students might be motivated to make a change in themselves as she did. 

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