Natalia Monsalve

15 Apr 2021

Natalia Monsalve describes her hometown of Medellin as “a city of the flowers, hard working people and interesting architecture. It’s a city nestled in a valley with a magnificent view of the mountains”. Natalia says Medellin is also famous because of its beautiful weather.

No wonder she loves the Gold Coast, because it is a stunning city by the sea with views to its hinterland mountains that's bathed in sunshine 300 days of the year.

Natalia is an architecture graduate from Colombia who left home to study English at The Language Academy and to build a better life for herself on the Gold Coast. After she arrived here Natalia established an Instagram account to share her love of her adopted city and the amazing experiences she’s been having on the coast and around Australia. She now has almost 50,000 followers, almost all of them based in South America and almost every one of those wishing they were here.

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