Nico Hein

4 Aug 2022

Nico Hein hails from Berlin and by his own admission wasn’t leading an adventurous life. As a teenager Nico spent three years of his life gaming without doing much of anything else. He became obese and was leading a very unhealthy existence.

One day Nico decided that he’d had enough of his non-productive state and he started to clean up his act. He went to the gym, lost 25kg in weight and he set out to explore what the world had to offer. One minute Nico was nightclubbing his way through Berlin’s bars and dance floors, the next he was working in the gold fields in Australia's outback, trekking across uncharted terrain within a culture that was so foreign to him he may as well have been walking on the moon.

After a few years of battling the dust and the heat of some of Western Australia’s remote regions Nico landed on the Gold Coast, embracing its idyllic climate and all that the city had to offer as he enrolled at TAFE to study Heavy Commercial Vehicle Technology. It’s been quite the adventure since Nico left Berlin and for him the journey has only just begun.

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