Quynh Tram Tranova

16 Dec 2022

Quynh Tram was born in the Czech Republic to Vietnamese parents who had migrated there looking for better opportunities and ended up living in Karlovy Vary, a small mountain town famous for its beautiful architecture and healing hot springs.

For Quynh Tram it was challenging growing up in a European country surrounded by traditional Vietnamese values and as a teenager it led to numerous clashes with her parents. It got to the point where Quynh Tram suppressed her Vietnamese heritage in an effort to fit in with her more liberal minded peers.

This week Quynh Tram graduated as a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours at Griffith University and she says “One of the best things about studying psychology is that you get to know yourself in a very different way.”

As it’s turned out, it’s not just the study of psychology that has changed Quynh Tram’s view of herself, but her adopted city as well. Her acceptance here has given Quynh Tram the confidence to embrace her once suppressed Vietnamese heritage as she’s immersed herself into the welcomingly diverse and multicultural lifestyle on the Gold Coast.

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