Sujin Kim

14 Oct 2022

Sujin Kim is from Busan, a beautiful city in the south-eastern part of South Korea and she grew up following what she describes as a typical Korean template for life. You graduate from school, you go straight to university, you build a career, get married, have kids… the whole shebang.

And while that template may not differ a lot from many people’s idea of a life journey in modern, civilised societies, Sujin says that it was the competitiveness driving the achievement of those goals and people’s expectations that began to trouble her. Just before she completed her Business Administration Degree in South Korea Sujin left it all behind to live in Canada for a year. It was an experience that would totally change her outlook on life.

Now studying a Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction at TAFE while plying her trade at the luxury yacht manufacturer Riviera on the Gold Coast, Sujin’s situation is so far removed from the corporate life she was once destined for in South Korea that it would defy comprehension from many of her peers back home. But it’s here, immersed in the beautiful natural environment on the Gold Coast, where Sujin has found true happiness.

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