Susanna Eapen

10 Mar 2022

Susanna Eapen grew up in the state of Kerala on India’s southwest coast within an extended family. She was inspired to become a nurse after watching nurses from her local hospital help others during a flood in her hometown a few years ago. In Susanna’s words: “nurses work so hard to bring change to people’s lives. They touch everyone’s heart.”

Being the youngest of her family Susanna readily admits she is somewhat of a free spirit with a rebellious streak, which may not always sit so comfortably within such a tight knit environment. For one thing she has always held a desire to come to Australia, and when she decided she wanted to do that as an international student it wasn’t easy to leave her family behind to follow her dream.

As it turned out, Susanna had to wait much longer than she anticipated for that wrenching moment after international borders closed. It was a frustrating time that only added to Susanna’s anxiety. While she waited for the borders to open Susanna commenced her Bachelor of Nursing at Griffith University online, hoping her opportunity to come to Australia would arrive soon. Now, after a 12 month wait Susanna’s here, more excited than ever.

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