Sushant Karki

7 Apr 2022

Sushant Karki says he wasn’t very smart at school. Wrote learning, that is the capacity to memorise information and recall it to provide an answer to a question on cue, never worked for him. It wasn’t until he changed schools and engaged in a different style of teaching that Sushant discovered there were other ways of learning. Suddenly the light went on and he began to understand.

Sushant is from Nepal and was part of an education system that wasn’t capable of recognising his full potential, but a switch of schools and methodology in how the curriculum was studied changed all that. Sushant has just completed a degree in Computer Science at Griffith University majoring in AI and Data Science and since graduating last year has landed a job working for a data security firm.

So how did this young man with a seemingly limited capacity for learning end up pursuing a career in IT and what other obstacles did he have to overcome along the way? This episode explores the challenges Sushant faced and how his journey became a transformative experience.

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