Thilinika Wijesinghe

3 Jun 2021

Thilinika Wijesinghe is from Colombo in Sri Lanka. Her career aspirations have seen her go from originally wanting to be a doctor, to pursuing a career as a journalist, before taking up a teaching job when the journalism opportunities were few and far between.

At one stage Thili took a career detour when she accepted a marketing role, but after 5 years she felt a strong urge to return to teaching and a desire to study overseas. Thili explored a raft of options all over the world before settling on the Gold Coast, where she’s now studying for her PhD in Education at Southern Cross University.

Thili’s research for her PhD draws not only on the wide spectrum of her professional experience, but also her personal passions of sustainable living and teaching through drama. If you thought PhD’s were purely an academic pursuit, guess again. Thilinika Wijesinghe will have you thinking on a more lateral and somewhat unconventional plane, which makes for a very engaging discussion.

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