Tom Forbes

17 Mar 2022

Have you ever had a situation where everything came down to one moment, where you made a decision, which at the time, was a bold and uncharacteristic move that became life changing?

Tom Forbes has, but it wasn’t just one decision, it was a combination of significant issues that all came to a head at the same time and the choices he made changed his destiny. Tom wasn’t happy with his lot in life – he was stuck in a rut and, to be honest, he wasn’t being true to who he really was and what he wanted to do.

One of those decisions was to leave his mundane job behind by enrolling at Bond University to study journalism. It was a move Tom never regretted, setting a course for a successful career working for some of Australia’s largest media organisations like the Nine Network and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

It’s been a curious and colourful journey for the former jackaroo who could barely ride a horse to riding the airwaves as the co-host of ABC Gold Coast’s Breakfast Radio Show, but for a man who specialises in storytelling for a living it’s a tale that he’d find worthy of investigating.

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