Twisha Bokhoree

2 Jun 2022

Mauritian born Twisha Bokhoree is a self-assured young woman with a generous personality and a fabulous sense of humour studying a Masters in Marketing and International Business at Griffith University.

Twisha is the kind of person who leaves a lasting impression, not only through her outgoing personality, but also through her ability to effortlessly connect with anyone she meets - the kind of traits that allow you to win people over and succeed in the world of marketing.

Yet, this is a young woman who up until a few years ago lacked self-confidence and whose social life was limited to a very small circle of friends – so what changed and how did Twisha discover her marketing mojo?

Part of the answer lies in social media, that much maligned 21st century communication phenomenon that’s supposed to make us less connected to the real world, but that couldn’t be further from the lived experience in Twisha’s case. Not only did it help her to personally flourish, it also provided a blueprint for her career.

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