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Bachelor of Architectural Design

The Bachelor of Architectural Design combines classroom studies, fieldwork and practical experience to learn about designing buildings, urban systems, public places, transport nodes, and recreation and conservation areas. You will also develop your design and creative problem-solving skills, and learn how to create designs that meet aesthetic, functional and user needs.

Bachelor of Architectural Studies

The Bachelor of Architectural Studies is designed to create emerging architectural professionals with fundamental competencies in design ability, problem solving, technical skill, and theoretical frameworks.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts enables students to pursue areas about which they are passionate while gaining relevant, transferrable and valuable career skills for life. The course promotes cultural awareness, critical thinking, community engagement, problem-solving and creative practices.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is an innovative program that offers a combination of traditional and emerging study areas relevant to an ever-changing global environment. You will gain the understanding, insight and skills to find and communicate creative solutions to contemporary challenges and develop advanced writing, presentation and research skills.

Bachelor of Arts (English as an International Language)

The Bachelor of Arts (English as an International Language) program is a University Pathway program for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. The program provides students with advanced level English Language on a for-credit basis.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Griffith University Bachelor of Arts graduates with an appropriate GPA may undertake an additional year of study in the Honours program. The Honours program provides students with the opportunity to build on the skills and knowledge gained in their undergraduate degree.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business double degree will give you a competitive edge in the employment market. In the Arts component you will learn to find and communicate creative solutions to contemporary challenges, and in the Business component you will gain an understanding of the social, cultural and political dimensions of business.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Students can study in an area of their interest through specialisations, as well as a broad range of education and general electives. Graduates have broad capabilities to increase employment opportunities in primary schools and other education-related fields.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood)

This combined degree equips students to work with children from birth through to primary school. With a child-centred philosophy, supported by up-to-date evidence on best practice, this program focuses on the values, disposition, knowledge and practical teaching skills required to provide a high quality education environment for children.

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