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Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business double degree will give you a competitive edge in the employment market. In the Arts component you will learn to find and communicate creative solutions to contemporary challenges, and in the Business component you will gain an understanding of the social, cultural and political dimensions of business.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Students can study in an area of their interest through specialisations, as well as a broad range of education and general electives. Graduates have broad capabilities to increase employment opportunities in primary schools and other education-related fields.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood)

This combined degree equips students to work with children from birth through to primary school. With a child-centred philosophy, supported by up-to-date evidence on best practice, this program focuses on the values, disposition, knowledge and practical teaching skills required to provide a high quality education environment for children.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Secondary)

Graduates of this combined degree can teach in both primary and secondary schools. Students complete curriculum studies in six key learning areas for primary school teaching and one secondary teaching subject in English, mathematics, geography or modern history.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

This combined degree prepares graduates to teach in up to two secondary teaching areas. Students complete a number of professional teaching experiences to put theory into practice and to observe and reflect on the dynamics of the education environment.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

The Bachelor of Arts degree is a generalist program that encourages students to select combinations of subject areas that best suit their interests and career ambitions and the Bachelor of Laws program prepares students for a career as a legal professional. The double degree provides you with the professional outcomes and opportunities of both individual degrees.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

This double degree gives students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the law as it applies to the arts. Students can specialise with an arts major, and select from a comprehensive range of law electives.

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Biomedical science helps society through applying new scientific knowledge to medicine and healthcare. In this degree, you will gain an understanding of health and the methods for diagnosing and treating disease.

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science program provides you with the ideal undergraduate foundation for a career in the health sciences. The program develops your knowledge in the molecular, cellular, anatomical and physiological processes of the human body and prepares you for graduate entry programs such as medicine and the allied health professions.

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