Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Specialists plan, implement, upgrade, or monitor security measures for the protection of computer networks and information. May ensure appropriate security controls are in place that will safeguard digital files and vital electronic infrastructure. May respond to computer security breaches and viruses.

Cyber Security Specialist

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,467

Where you could work:

  • Government                                        City of Gold Coast
  • IT Companies                                      BITS Technology Group, HTG Solutions, Mercury IT

Cyber Security Specialist do the following tasks:

  • Develop plans to safeguard computer files against accidental or unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure and to meet emergency data processing needs.
  • Monitor current reports of computer viruses to determine when to update virus protection systems.
  • Encrypt data transmissions and erect firewalls to conceal confidential information as it is being transmitted and to keep out tainted digital transfers.