Education Managers

Education Managers

Education Managers plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate educational policy, and provide advice and educational and administrative support to staff and students in educational institutions.

Education Managers

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $2,000

Where you could work:

VET SectorTAFE QLD, Private Registered Training Organisations, Envirotech Education

UniversitiesBond, Griffith, Southern Cross Universities

Tourism - Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Education Managers do the following tasks:

  • Coordinating the educational, administrative and financial affairs of an educational institution or department within the institution
  • Researching, developing, implementing, reviewing and evaluating educational and administrative policy
  • Liaising between educational institutions, parents and the wider community
  • Providing advice on policy and procedures to staff and students
  • Consulting with academic and administrative staff to coordinate educational programs
  • Identifying and addressing present and future needs for student and staff development
  • Researching educational systems and monitoring and evaluating new developments
  • Researching and reporting on students' needs arising from curriculum implementation
  • Developing and delivering training programs for teachers