Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants provide services for the safety and comfort of passengers in aircraft.

Flight Attendants

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,110

Where you could work:

  • Airlines: QANTAS, Jetstar, Virgin Airlines, Emirates

Flight Attendants do the following tasks:

  • Managing safety and emergency procedures and making public announcements
  • Coordinating the sale of goods to passengers and completion of any customs and immigration documentation which may be required
  • Conducting safety checks and demonstrations of safety equipment and procedures
  • Assisting passengers in emergency drills, carrying out emergency procedures, assisting and directing passengers in emergencies
  • Checking passengers' tickets and directing them to seats and cabins
  • Tidying aircraft cabins, and receiving and storing food, equipment and cabin baggage
  • Operating galleys, preparing and heating food for passengers, and serving refreshments and meals
  • Distributing reading material, pillows, blankets and other amenities for the comfort of passengers