Install glass in windows, skylights, storefronts, and display cases, or on surfaces, such as building fronts, interior walls, ceilings, and tabletops.


Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,136

Where you could work:

  • Glazier Companies:  Patterson Glass, ASAP Glass, Coastal Glass and Maintenance, Jeld-Wen

Glazier do the following tasks:

  • determining type and dimensions of glass required
  • laying glass over patterns on padded tables and in jigs
  • measuring and marking glass for cutting
  • cutting along patterns and templates
  • examining glass and marking defective areas
  • breaking off sheets and excess glass with notched tools and glass pliers
  • installing glass and mirrors in windows, skylights, display cases, interior walls and ceilings
  • smoothing rough edges using belt sanders and smoothing wheels
  • may coat, cut, etch, trim and treat glass to achieve special effects