Information & Organisation Professional

Information & Organisation Professional

Information and Organisation Professionals includes occupations such as Electorate Officers, Liaison Officers, Migration Agents and Patents Examiners.

Information & Organisation Professional

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,412

Where you could work:

Local Members of ParliamentMembers for Moncreiff, McPherson, Southport

Education Agents

Government Agencies

Information & Organisation Professionals do the following tasks:

  • Manages the electorate office of a politician, and liaises with constituents and the media on their behalf
  • Establishes and facilitates communication between different community groups, organisations and governments
  • Provides information and advice to potential migrants, prepares and lodges visa applications, and acts as an intermediary to legally represent clients during visa processing and before review bodies liaises with legal professionals in relation to judicial review matters. Registration or licensing may be required
  • Investigates and reports on patent applications to assess their compliance with the requirements of the patents act