Nurse Manager

Nurse Manager

Nurse Managers manage health service units and sub-units of hospitals, aged care and community health care facilities, supervise nursing staff and financial resources to enable the provision of safe, cost effective nursing care within specified fields or for particular units, and monitor quality, clinical standards and professional development of nurses.

Nurse Manager

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,917

Where you could work:

Hospitals - Allamanda Private, Gold Coast University Hospital

Aged Care Centres - Ozcare, Bluecare, Anglicare

Nurse Managers do the following tasks:

  • Developing, implementing and monitoring policies and objectives of nursing care as they apply to units, staff and community groups
  • Coordinating the allocation of human and material resources for a health service unit such as recruitment of staff, human resource management, preparation of budgets and fiscal management
  • Monitoring and controlling the performance of nursing and support staff within the unit, and providing leadership
  • Initiating studies to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing services in the unit in relation to objectives, costs and nursing care
  • Promoting working relationships with community agencies and health and education providers
  • Contributing to organisational objectives in relation to quality, safety and risk management