Advertising Executive

Advertising Executive

Advertising account executives devise and coordinate advertising campaigns, which are created to encourage consumers to purchase particular products or services.

Advertising Executive

Job Demand: Medium

Average weekly wage: $1,750

Where you could work:

Advertising Agencies -  40/40 Creative Agency, P’s in a Pod Creative Agency, Stead Lane, Lemon Tree, Flagship, SMART Agency, Guerrilla

Advertising Executives do the following tasks:

  • Discuss the products to be advertised with clients and other stakeholders, and obtain relevant information from clients such as product and company details, budget, marketing goals and marketing research
  • Brief other specialists in the agency (such as the creative team, media planners and researchers) on client requirements in order to develop the details of a campaign
  • Present draft campaign suggestions to clients along with a summary of the expenditure involved, and negotiate and arrange for modifications if required
  • Supervise and coordinate the work of the relevant production departments to ensure the campaign meets deadlines and budget requirements
  • Keep in contact with clients throughout projects and deal with problems as they arise
  • Assist the client with marketing strategies