Animal Attendant / Trainer

Animal Attendant / Trainer

Animal Attendants and Trainers train, feed, groom and care for animals.

Animal Attendant / Trainer

Job Demand: Medium

Average weekly wage: $986.00

Where you could work:

May work in Retail, the Arts and Recreation Services; Theme Parks, Wildlife Parks, Public Administration & Safety, Defence, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing.

Animal Attendants / Trainers do the following tasks:

  • Teach animals to obey verbal and non-verbal commands and address behavioural problems.
  • Train animals to accept riders and pull vehicles; perform in competitions.
  • Groom animals including; bathing, cutting, combing, blow-drying and styling pets' coats, clipping their nails and cleaning their ears.
  • Inspect, prepare, clean, disinfect and maintain comfortable animal cages and enclosures.
  • Transport food, fill water troughs and feed animals according to their individual needs.
  • Maintain animal health records, treat minor injuries and report serious conditions to Veterinarians.
  • Exerciese and play with animals, answer visitor questions, and transfer animals between enclosures by leading or carrying them.
  • Dust and spray insecticides on animals and immersing them in insecticide baths, to control insect pests.