Dietician professionals apply the science of human nutrition to assist people to attain better health and to help prevent and treat various illnesses and diseases.


Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,992

Where you could work:

  • Patient care - Hospitals, nursing homes, in home care.
  • Private practice or consulting
  • Community & Public Health centres
  • Food Industry
  • Research & teaching
  • Sports nutrition

Dieticians do the following tasks:

  • Planning diets and menus, and instructing people on the requirements and importance of diet and on the planning and preparation of food.
  • Collecting, organising and assessing data relating to health and nutritional status of individuals, groups and communities
  • Interpreting and communicating scientific information and providing advice, education and professional opinion to individuals, groups and communities.
  • Monitoring food intake and quality to provide nutritional care calculating nutritional values of food served.
  • Planning, conducting and evaluating nutrition intervention programs and compiling educational material.
  • Providing nutrition assessments, nutrition management, and nutrition education, research and training.
  • Consulting with other Health Professionals and related workers to manage the dietary and nutritional needs of patients.